The “Long Awaited Post”

After wasting 20 minutes attempting to learn how to use a different font(anything better than this boring font), I have decided that I will just have to try that another day. I did though, in fact find how to change the color of the font. Hopefully as you are reading this post it is appearing neon pink (my personal favorite), although that is irrelevant. I feel like I have so many things to cover in this post because I have been busy the last few days and have not gotten around to posting. First off, I would like to congratulate my beautiful baby sister( I am only 28 months older) on making high school cheer as she starts this new part of her school career and moves up to high school. I am so proud of her and am confident that she will succeed in everything she does. Anyways, congratulations Bre! In honor of her beginning NHS cheer and representing, I am including a throwback picture to last year’s tryouts of us together.

b tryout

Now to this week’s agenda leading up to now (trust me you guys it’s not that exciting, I’m homebound-or as I like to call it “under house arrest”  except for exceptions.) Sunday I came home from the hospital. So far, the number one lesson I would advise to any new cancer patient (like myself) is to take your Zofran(or any medicine prescribed for nausea) regularly when getting home from chemotherapy. I’ll leave it at that! I have had several people ask if I have gotten sick yet, and the answer is yes. Beyond the lack of Zofran incident, it has been very minimal, and for that I am thankful. Monday You was rough. Correction: Monday was extremely rough. My body was weak and I had minimal strength. Thanks to sleep and food though, by Tuesday I was better than ever(and probably annoying my family with my extreme energy.) I also finished up some pictures with the wonderful Jenna Millwood! Did I say wonderful? Because she is. I am beyond excited to get my photos back. Wednesday was a big day. My papaw drove my mother and I to LR, to my doctor’s visit. He was great at holding my hand while my port was accessed, but nobody tell him that because it will get to his head! Just kidding!!! I had to get a Vincristine injection, which is one of the three drugs that make up my chemo. I also got some labs done. My sweet nurse, Carla is helping me to adjust to the medical terms that overwhelm me. This week we talked about a syringe, which is a big deal if you know how squeamish I am. After my doctor’s appointment we drove through Chick-fil-a and then my sweet friends Maddi, Brooke, and Brady came over to visit which made my day 10x better. Then today I rested until going to watch high school tryouts (with my mask of to stay germ free!) So proud of all the girls! You each will do great this year! Cherish each moment because it will all come to an end one day! I will try and update more often!

Xoxo- Kaden

8 thoughts on “The “Long Awaited Post”

  1. Kaden, I’m praying for you all the time! Stay strong & positive! You & God can beat this! There’s a boy named Landon Cates on FB that has been fighting Ewings. You might want to connect on fb with him. Actually 2 Landons on my friend list. The just Landon Cates is my grandson & he has had a lot of experience with Ewings as well. His dad had it along with a couple of other cancers. But the Landon Hunter Cates is the boy that has strongly fought Ewings. Both these guys would love to pray for you! I know they already are as I’ve asked them to do so! Love your blog!!

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  2. Love your positive attitude on life. I think it is precious that your Papaw was there for you holding your hand. When he talks about you he is very proud of you. Praying for you and your family.

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