Two Pink Beads Please

I decided to do this post in green in honor of the green paint on these hospital walls. This post may be a little more detailed, simply because I am going to be talking about how I unexpectedly found myself admitted in the hospital. Friday night I had a headache so I asked my mom if I could have a Tylenol. She checked my temperature first, because if I have any fever I am not allowed to have Tylenol because it may mask an infection. I had a slight fever of 99.5. My mom told me that she would watch my temperature and if it went back down I could have a Tylenol. At this point, other than a headache I feel strong and even energetic. As the night went on my fever continued to rise and my strength began to weaken. At 8 am on Saturday morning it reached 101.3. If I get a fever of 101 or higher than I have to go to the ER. At this point I still have a headache which is now what I would say “the worst headache I have ever had.” I was extremely sensitive to light and sound. My throat was also beginning to get sore. Upon arriving at the Emergency Room I was tested for the Flu and Strep throat, chest X-Rays, lab work, and I started Antibiotics. Next, I was transported to Children’s via ambulance. I first went to the Emergency Room, here at Children’s and my parents arrived soon after I did. After being examined by “this nurse” or “that doctor” I finally got my own room in the oncology floor(where the cancer patients stay.) At this point I am extremely weak, my headache is still going strong, and my throat hurts to the point that I can not eat, drink, or talk. Thanks to modern medicine by this evening I have no headache, am talking (maybe a little too much!), eating, and drinking! I feel good. My strength is good. I am tired but I do not feel bad. Now for a little math! The normal human has a white blood cell count of 10,000-15,000. Yesterday my count was 700. Today my count was 1.200. I can come home when my counts reach 5,000. White blood cells fight infection. The human body has all sorts of bacteria in it, but thanks to white blood cells it fights off infection that you are not aware of. The reason I had such a bad headache and sore throat is because my body stopped fighting off the bacteria causing it. For any of you “science people” this may be common sense, but I am still learning everyday! I would like to thank my sister for so kindly packing my bags while I was at the ER, my brother for being patient (big deal because he is 10) with my parents and mostly myself as they are having to take so much time to take care of me, my grandparents for helping out, and of course EVERYONE who has prayed for my family and I!! Please continue to keep the doctors, my family, and myself as I fight this scary battle. I will continue to stay positive and not let the unknown get to my head.

P.S I chose to call this post “Two Pink Beads Please” because they have a wonderful bead system, where every “stick”, port access, hospital stay, and several other things you receive a specific colored bead. When I first began the system,  I asked how I could get a pink bead. To get a pink bead, you must have an ER visit or an ambulance ride, both of which I did yesterday, so I now get two pink beads! As much as I love pink, I hope I do not get any more pink beads.

5 thoughts on “Two Pink Beads Please

  1. I’m so glad you are blogging. Makes us happy to hear from you what is going on. Stay strong. It will all become routine very soon. Love you sweet girl.

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