Waiting on Mesna

I must give title creds to my father. This round of chemo consists of different drugs than the last round. The last round’s medicines were Vincristine, Topotecan, and Cytoxan. This round consists of Etoposide and Efosfamide. I am on an alternation schedule for each of my different rounds. The medicine I am receiving this round requires a third medicine four hours after chemo, and four hours after that round. The name of the medicine is Mesna (a non chemo medicine) and is the reason why I will be here until Monday because once chemo finishes, and 9 hours later after finishing Mesna, it will be Monday.

This round has been rough on my body, causing me to constantly feel weak and tired. My doctor even noticed my lack of energy when he stopped by this morning. I have not felt sick like I did the last round, but this does not mean I have not been sick often, because I have been.

Thursday I woke in the early morning, because I was sick once again. My mom soon noticed my hair was beginning to fall out. It is not easy to have your hair fall out, especially when you spend so much time each day caring for your hair. I decided to let my mom cut my hair so that I could keep it. I know it may sound a little odd that I want to keep my hair, but it is just something I have decided I want to do, Slowly it is all falling out, soon I will not have anymore.

Today my sister, brother, and Papaw Harold are coming to visit me in the hospital. I hate to cut my blog short, but I need to get ready for my family to come and visit me.

Xoxo, Kaden

6 thoughts on “Waiting on Mesna

  1. Kaden, I’m always so happy to read your blogs. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We are praying for you. So sorry you are losing your hair– but so neat you decided to keep it. You are beautiful indeed. Regardless if no hair. Now you’ll be trying out all your new wigs. Enjoy your family. We love you much!!


  2. Kaden hang in there. It is terrible to loose your hair. It seems like a small thing but to a girl it’s so hard. But hair will grow back. My was really really curly and black and gray it was really weird. You will be beautiful no matter what. Praying for you and your family. It’s so good to hear from you.


  3. You are a strong, sweet and beautiful girl. I know you are gonna get through this and be even stronger and more beautiful! Hang in there. …I will be thinking of you!


  4. Not sure how to blog but I will try. I am from the old school. Prayers do work sweet girl. You are right about living in a great town.Nashville Ar is one of the best. Thanks for keeping us up dated. We are praying for you and your family.

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