New Changes

I’ve completed round 3 and am halfway through the first 6 rounds I am to do before I repeat scans. I have also tried each of the medicines that I will have for chemo. Honestly say that I underestimated this previous round, because it was just two days instead of the typical five. I would describe round one as mostly only nausea, round two as mostly sickness but no nausea feeling with it, and round three as both sickness and the nausea feeling. I know what to expect for the upcoming rounds which I think will make it easier. I am now counting down until I do not have to get any more chemo treatments. I am 14 rounds and approximately 9 months away from completing chemo. I am aproximately 1-2 months away from being cancer free depending on if we decide radiation, surgery, or both are best for completely removing my tumor, because chemo is only shrinking the tumor.

I am beginning to notice a lack of taste. Once I started treatment the doctors and nurses were proud I still had my appetite and I wondered how anyone could not have any appetite. Lol at that. I still have my appetite and crave foods, but many taste bland. There is no taste just texture. Fruit loops, spaghetti, hamburgers, and pickles is what I have noticed to be bland. The science is that the chemo medicine is to remove my cancer cells, but it also wipes out fast growing cells, like the ones that make me taste foods or like my hair cells, which is why my hair fell out. On the note of my hair though, I have had little baby hairs begin growing back and some are blonde. The chemo wipes out most of my hair cells but between rounds my hair does try to start growing back.

Another change I have had is my sense of smell. I can smell things a lot easier and everything seems to smell so strong. This has been good and bad. Some things that smell absolutely horrible are some soaps, my dad’s deodorant, the lotion my sister uses for her sunburn, and some foods. I have also had some scents smell better than ever. My mom went to bath and body works and bought several mini fragrance mists for me to try. My favorite is cool amazon rain. I like the way the soap in our kitchen smells like apples.

I have some things to look forward to that are coming up. I talked to my doctor and have pushed my next chemo treatment out one week so that I can attend my junior prom. I am beyond excited to go to prom and to see all my friends from school.

Something else that I am excited about is that I was nominated by my cheer coach for ALT magazine’s first annual high school and college athlete of the year. I was then entered into a contest with other athletes and picked by a panel of judges as the winner. The prize is a photoshoot and to be on the cover of the magazine. The magazine has also offered to do an interview and an article about me in the magazine. They are coming to interview me on Tuesday as long as I am feeling well, and Mrs. Renfrow and my cheer squad are coming as well.

I am looking forward to having 3 weeks off from chemo and building my counts up, which in return builds my strength. I go to clinic on Wednesday for just a push of one of my medicines, but the good news is nausea and sickness are not any of the side effects for this medicine.

Xoxo, Kaden💁

3 thoughts on “New Changes

  1. Hi Kaden I’ve been reading your blog. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all this awful chemo and I admire your positive attitude so much. I grew up with your grandfather, Sammy. My kids went to school with your mother. You’re in my prayers. I know that God is taking care of you.

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  2. Thank you for your update. I look forward to hearing about the progress you have made. You are such a special young lady. May God continue to give you strength and endurance while you go through this part of your treatment. I am looking forward to seeing your prom pictures!!

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  3. Kaden, your blogs help us understand better what you are going through. You remind us to cherish the special moments and times in our lives. Which we so often take for granted. Enjoy your prom. So proud of your win in ALT magazine. Can’t wait to see it. You are loved dear sweet girl. And we are praying for you always.

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