Catch Up Time

Hey guys! I wanted to post something along the lines of short and sweet (especially after the novel I posted last week😂.) I am actually typing this post from my phone instead of my tablet so maybe if you view this from your phone you can see emojis here and there.😉 I have had a wonderful week and words can not begin to describe how well I have felt. I was scheduled for chemo but because I am going to prom tonight we pushed chemo out a week, which also gave me an extra week to build me strength back up. 💪🏼I have still tried to avoid being out in public this week, but because I have felt so good mom and dad have agreed to let me go out a little here and there. On Monday my mom, sister, and I went to Hope to go to Martins so that I could get some new outfits for my photo shoot Tuesday. I had a lot of fun going shopping. This was the first time I had been in a store since I started chemo and I was ready to go shopping! Then on Tuesday my family, my best friend Maddi, and her mom went to Texarkana with me to get some pictures made as my prize for winning outstanding athlete of the year.💁🏻🏆 After the photo shoot, my mom and I ran in Hobby Lobby and Michaels to get some craft supplies. I loved this because I enjoy doing “crafty things” although I am not as crafty as my mother is.😳 We then went to eat at Bryce’s and I got to eat in the restaurant. I love to go out to eat because you get to see so many people, but when I am sick even if I feel good it is usually not a good idea to go out to eat. Wednesday was spent mostly resting and organizing some of my school work. Thursday I took my sister to get her hair done for Honor Society (btw Macy @ Unique Body is great…she’s who did my hair and nails before chemo. I can not get my hair fixed for obvious reasons right now, and I am not allowed to have my nails done because of the risk of infection. But she is who does Bre’s hair and who I recommend💁🏻) I was glad I got to take my sister to get her hair done since I couldn’t attend her Honor Society, but I did get to visit with Maddi and Hope while Bre and my family were at Honor Society. Yesterday I ran some errands with my mom. We went to lunch, picked up my dress from alterations, and took Fancy by the vet. Last night I went to visit with my friends, the Westfalls.☺️ I enjoyed playing with Adelene, Garrett, and Kinsey😄 Tonight I am going to prom so I am spending most of the day resting.💃🏻>😴  I can’t wait to see everyone at prom tonight! Count your blessings..we all have more than we deserve🙏🏼


One thought on “Catch Up Time

  1. Good to read this sweet girl!!!! You have been having an awesome week! And can’t
    wait to see your prom pics and hear all about!! NO ONE will be as beautiful as you,,,NOR
    will they have as good a time as you!!! You are most Blessed indeed!!! Thanks for reminding
    us to count our blessings….Love you!!

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