I’m backkk😄

Hey guys! I am back at the hospital and currently sitting in clinic. They have successfully accessed my port and my labs came back good so I am waiting to go up to the floor and start chemo. I will have 5 days of chemo then wait 24 hours and receive mesna, a medicine that protects my bladder. This is my fourth round and it will be the same chemo and dosages as my second round. The last time I had this round I was sick constantly, but hardly felt nauseous so that was good. If there is such thing as having a favorite round of chemo, then this would be my favorite. I am looking forward to knocking out another round, which puts me one step closer to being done for once and for all! I have completed 3 rounds and after 3 more rounds we will repeat scans, then do do 6 weeks of radiation concurrently with 11 rounds of chemo. If I always make counts and don’t have to push chemo out too much I will be done at the end of October. My doctor told me to expect Christmas time though, just because life happens and you don’t always make counts. I got the chance to visit with Brayden’s grandma. He has completed his first round and came in today for round two but did not make counts so he is neutropenic. Please keep Brayden in your prayers and pray that he heals soon and can get back on track to his road to recovery. Also please continue to pray for my family and I. Please pray for my parents who are here with me at the hospital, and for my Papaw Harold, my brother, and sister back at home because this not only effects me but my entire family. Even as I am sick I have so many things to thank God for.


I’ve included a picture of my brother and sister on a picnic at the park yesterday as well as picture of my great grandma and I❤️

2 thoughts on “I’m backkk😄

  1. Your blogs are amazing. I love reading each unselfish prayer request so thankful you are meeting and encouraging others. This is Gods special away of healing. Love you and proud of you and can not thank you enough for
    Your continued updates.

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