As of today..

Hey everyone! I am starting to run out of titles for my regular updates so I just kinda stuck this title on here. I keep saying this and maybe I will get motivated but I want to blog about other things than my regular “oh I’m sick again” or “today was good and I have felt well”…buttttt that is exactly what this post is. I am home and feeling well. I have completed round 4 and I am officially 1/4 of the way done with my plan to recovery. This last round I spent an irregular amount of time sleeping (but what teenager doesn’t? Just add in chemo and I’m practically a zombie😂😂) I made several friends this round which is always great because I have people to relate to. I know everyone says that it’s good to have people to relate to, but it really is because nobody gets it like somebody who has your same struggles, it would be like this with any other problem. We all as human like to relate to others. I spent time with my friend Taylor, who is my age and has a similar kind of cancer. I spent time with a sweet girl, named Violet who has a matching charm-big bracelet with me💁🏻 I spent time with an amazingly smart girl, named Amy who is finishing up her plan to recovery(congrats girl!) I also spent time with a girl who has the same type of cancer as me (a Ewings Sarcoma) which was interesting to compare my experience with her experience. I also spent time with a little boy, named Hunter who is just 3. I want to ask y’all to pray for all of my friends who are fighting, as well as the family of Emma who was staying next door to me at the hospital last week. She lost her fight this week so please keep her family in your prayers. I would also like to ask that you each keep Monique Jackson in her prayers because she had a bad wreck yesterday and is in critical condition. She has been responsive but still needs everyone’s prayers please! Also, please remember Brayden in your prayers as he is fighting the same type of cancer I am fighting. That’s kind of a lot of people but I feel like my blog is the best way to ask for everyone to pray because of all the people that take the time to read it. I go back for chemo next Wednesday so hopeful this week will be a good time for me to rest and maybe my counts will stay up!


2 thoughts on “As of today..

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re home and doing well! I enjoy being able to keep up with your progress. I’m adding your friends to my prayers. Please keep us posted on them also. It’s supposed to be nice this weekend so, enjoy and rest up, sweetie 😊


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