Another Round


Hi, friends!

I am back at the oncology clinic at ACH everyday this week for another round of chemo! This is my 31st round in total. Two weeks ago, I had another bone marrow biopsy and last week, I met with my transplant team in Tennessee. We were each ecstatic that my marrow showed no leukemia and I am still 100% donor! This was good news.

Dr. Frangoul went over my treatment plan. We both agreed it would be a good idea to do another 6 rounds of chemo. After the first 3 rounds, I will receive my fourth dose of DLI (donor lymphocyte infusion), then complete another 3 rounds.

This lands us in early summer, when we will check my marrow again and regroup.

While I was in Tennessee, I also received my third dose of DLI. That seems to be getting easier, but hopefully I am not speaking too soon.

After the round I am currently taking, my body will not recover for another round until mid-December, so hopefully this is my last round to do during this semester. It can be challenging to go to class and chemo everyday, while also doing other everyday things, so that makes me excited.

I have been putting a lot of effort towards living a normal life when I am not at the hospital. When I look at the big picture of life, I am unsure of how long I will be in treatment. Transitioning from an “in treatment” mindset to an “everyday life with treatment” mindset has been good for me. I cannot and do not want to let treatment keep me from living my life, especially since the whole point in treatment is so I can live a life. It is a balance, but I think I have found it.

Friday, November 15th, I will be one year post transplant (again)! This is a HUGE milestone and my heart is incredibly grateful to reach it.

I hope each of you are enjoying your week, Christmas is coming!


Kaden Peebles

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