Makeup Travel Bag

Hi, friends!

I hope you each have enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday.

I thought it would be fun to share what I pack in my makeup bag when I travel. I tend to change it up, but since I have been home for Thanksgiving break this week, this is what I brought.

My makeup bag(s) depend on how much and what I am packing. This time, I brought two bags.

The green bag pictured is from Target and the pink bag pictured was a gift, but I believe it is from Charming Charlie.

The green bag houses most of the makeup that I brought, but the pink bag has a few other makeup items.

In the first big pouch, I packed two Urban Decay naked palattes (smoky + 3), two morphe travel palattes, and my Jaclyn Hill morphe palatte.

The naked smoky palatte is good for gray smoky eyes. The naked 3 palatte is nice for blush eye looks. The morphe palattes are good for a golden look or a violet look. Finally, the Jaclyn Hill palate has just about every shade of eye shadow known to man kind.

While five eye shadow palattes may seem excessive for a week trip, each palatte offers different shade options and I was unsure of my plans when packing. I knew we would have Christmas card pictures and family gatherings and a girl needs options.

In the next pouch, I included some face products.

A clinique overnight moisturizer, first aid primer, nyx blush, nyx highlighter, tarte concealer, and a beauty blender.

Most days, I only wear moisturizer in place of face makeup, but these are the products I reach for when I want to wear a bit more.

On the opposite side of the middle pouch, is the rest of my eye makeup products.

I included an eyelash curler, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and tarte eyeliner. The mascsara and brow pencil are from a makeup sub box, so I am unsure of the brands. This is a good mascara, but typically I use and recommend Maybeline Great Lash. Though the key is not in the mascara, but in a lash curler. 😉

If there is one thing I can not live without in this world, it is Tarte’s tarteist double take eyeliner. I always keep a backup stick (or two or three), as you can see pictured. It is amazing, because it has a roll up pencil on one end and a liquid brush on the opposite end. The black is crisp, but it also comes in brown and violet. My tip is to use the roll up on the lid and water line, then trace over the lid to make a crisp line and add a wing.

In the final pouch of the green makeup bag, is makeup remover, cotton rounds, and a lip scrub.

My favorite makeup remover is Garnier micellar water. It removes all of my makeup and does not burn my eyes. The cotton rounds are the perfect size for touching up any slips when applying my makeup.

Finally, there are makeup brushes and powder in the pink bag.

Most of these brushes are for eyeshadow, but one is for powder and one is used for blush on one side and highlighter on the other side.

The powder was just a smidge too big to fit in the green bag, so I slipped it in the bag with the brushes.

I tend to overpack, but my thought is always that I would rather pack something and not use it, than leave something at home and wish I had packed it.

What makeup product(s) do you always make sure to pack when traveling?

xoxo- Kaden

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