Blogmas Day 1: Decorations

Hi, friends!

I am excited to tackle blogmas for the first time this year. My goal is to post here daily. I will have a great amount of Christmas content, but I will be posting about other topics as well.

In true Kaden fashion, I am barely sharing the first post in time to count as day one. I have spent all day cleaning my apartment, washing laundry, writing papers, and preparing for my last week of class before finals.

I want to kick off the month of December by sharing my apartment’s Christmas decorations. I have had my decorations up since the first weekend in November, because I wanted to take full advantage of the Christmas season. The decorations make me happy and I start celebrating in November, so why not?

And before any of you try to argue that Christmas decorations are for after Thanksgiving only, I will counter your argument with my belief that Thanksgiving is part of the Christmas SEASON! Debate over 😉

Without further ado, here is my Pink Glam Winter Wonderland themed decor:

Here is my tree! I have previously decorated with pink and gold, but this year I added in the winter animals. I included birds, owls, swans, deer, and polar bears.

Here is an up close look at one of the swans.

You can catch a glimpse of the little owls here. I also love this pearl garland that I found at Hobby Lobby during their 50% off Christmas sale.

This chair normally goes where my tree is located, but I moved it for the season. I added in this metallic tree pillow and paired it with a monogrammed prayer blanket. I think the green embroidery goes great with the Christmas decor.

Mother gifted me this nutcracker in 2016 and it looks so cute on my TV table.

This Christmas pillow from Hobby Lobby is the perfect addition to my couch for Christmas. Also, peep the nativity crown.

Here is the crown up close! I found it during the Hobby Lobby Christmas sale too and could not resist grabbing it. It has the nativity scene on it and makes a great candy dish.

Finally, I setup my Christmas village in my office. This is my first year to have a place to set it up, so I was especially excited.

Here it is with the lights off. Yes, that is an EXPLOSION behind Clark Griswold’s house. LOL

& here is my tree with the lights off.

I love how everything turned out. I will be real sad when I have to pack everything up, but for now I am enjoying the cozy vibes.

Tell me in the comments, what kind of Christmas decorations do you look forward to the most?

xoxo, Kaden

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