Blogmas Day 3: How I Prep for a New Month

Hi, friends!

Today, I am sharing the three things I do at the beginning of EVERY month! It is no secret that I am big on planning and preparing, but these are three things that I have to do every month for smooth sailing.


I fill my pillbox for the entire month. First, I add any pills from my pill bottles from the last month. I make a list in my planner for when each medicine is due to be refilled, so I will know when to refill the med and where in the pillbox I ran out of that medicine when I refill it.

I found this month-long pillbox on Amazon. If I am being honest, sometimes I would miss a dose of medicine when I had to refill my pillbox weekly. I would forget to refill the box and miss a dose. Now, I only have to worry about filling it once a month. If I add a med, I immediately add it to the box when I pick it up from the pharmacy.

There are only two cons to the monthly pillbox.

1.) If you discontinue a med, it can be difficult to know which med to pull from your box. I have all of my pills memorized, so I know what they look like. If you do not know what each of your pills look like, then I suggest you keep one pill in the bottle for reference. You can always google your pills’ descriptions to narrow down which pill is being discontinued.

2.) If you take medications multiple times a day. The solution for me is multiple monthly pill boxes that are different colors. I also have a blue pill box for morning medications, but I am only taking one morning medication right now, so I keep enough pills for each of the mornings in that month for that morning medicine in the bottle.


I setup my monthly planner view. I go through all of my notes in the weekly sections and gather all of my plans into one place for a big overview. This helps my mind to regroup.


Finally, I pay my bills and make a budget. I usually already have a budget set and it does not vary much from month to month, but I review it and make any necessary adjustments. I keep a record of my current bills in a pouch and write down when I pay what and how much. I also keep extra stamps and a pen, in case I need to mail a bill.

These are the three things that I have to do every month to set myself up for success. When I make my weekly plans and see the 1st of a new month, I automatically make a note to do these things. Depending on how busy I am, these tasks occasionally get bumped to the 2nd, but they quickly get done either way.

What tasks do you do every month to set yourself up for success?

xoxo- Kaden

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