Blogmas Day 4: What’s in my Backpack

Hi, friends! With final exams next week, it seems everyone is spending all of their time preparing presentations, working on final papers, and studying for final exams. My backpack seems to be permanently attached during this time of the semester. I take it everywhere, because there always seems to be work to do.

I received this North Face backpack for Christmas nearly four years ago and it has held up so well. It still looks brand new! I love how it has tons of pockets. It even has a padded pocket in the back pouch for my laptop.

It would not be a “what’s in my backpack” post without school books! I alternate the books that I am carrying based on what classes I am going to and what books I will need for homework during downtime. These are the two books that I carried yesterday.

I always carry my laptop as well as the charging cord. I have converted to taking all of my notes on google drive. I will always be a fan of pen and paper, but this is just easier to access, organize, and share with classmates. I also seem to constantly be writing papers or editing, so my laptop is almost always in my backpack.

Because sometimes technology fails, I keep a file folder as well. This houses all of my syllabi, returned assignments, assignments that need to be turned in, and extra paper in case something happens to my laptop. I would hate to get to class and my laptop automatically restart, leaving me without a way to take notes.

This accordion style pouch has quickly become one of my favorite products from Erin Condren! I grabbed it during a sale not long after it was released and use it daily. I was carrying all of these items in seperate pouches, so this product has provided a way for me to have them all together, yet compartmentalized.

From left to right: stickers & sticky notes, office supplies (white out, scissors, ruler, etc), purse items (lipstick, hand sanitizer, etc), EC dual-tip markers, mildliner highlighters, and black gel pens.

Finally, I have my Erin Condren academic planner. This is where I keep all of my due dates and outline a plan for every assignment.

I hope this is helpful for all of my fellow students and I wish you the best of luck as we are in the midst of final exams chaos.

xoxo- Kaden

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