Blogmas Day 5: Finals Prep

Twas the week before finals and all the students were stressed.

Hi, friends.

Next week is finals at UCA and my brain feels like a madhouse. I am taking all English courses this semester, so I joke that for English majors it is not about the week of finals, but rather the month of November. I have lost track of how many papers I have wrote this month. All of my finals (with the exclusion of one grammar final) are in the format of essays, whether take home or in class, and usually multiple essays per final.

Whether you are preparing papers and presentations or studying for final exams, none of these assignments should be done in one sitting. Personally, my best work is done over a period of time when I can review and reflect.

With an increase in assignment deadlines, I needed to get all of my tasks and assignments down on paper. I decided to make a plan by working my way back from each deadline.

I turned to a blank page in my Erin Condren academic planner and used a few stickers to make it visually pleasing, but all you really need is a scratch piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

First, I made an area for each day left between today and my last due date.

Then, I added all of my assignments. I chose to use stickers to make them stand out. I made sure to include details like the time of an exam or if there is anything I need to bring. For one final, I need some charts to reference, and for another, I need blue books to write in.

Finally, I worked my way back for each assignment to break down everything I need to do. For tests, I will make flashcards, review material, and review flashcards. For papers, I will make an outline, write the draft, edit the draft, and submit the final paper. Most of this is abreviated, but I can see exactly when I need to do what to stay on task. I also wrote in times when I need to meet with a professor or would like to schedule an appointment with a professor.

My mind feels much more at ease after getting all of this out of my brain and on to paper. If you are preparing for finals, I hope this helps and I wish you luck! Christmas break is among us!

xoxo- Kaden

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