Blogmas Day 14: What I Love About Christmas

With only 11 days left until Christmas, I am trying to soak up every moment about Christmas. I love celebrating this holiday and while I tend to start celebrating early, for me once it is over, it is over.

There are two overarching categories of what I love about the Christmas season:

Christmas VIBES

I love the combination of all of the Christmas things. The twinkling lights on rooftops and the warmth of a fireplace. The music on the radio and the movies on tv. The smell of hot cocoa and the chill in the air. Fuzzy socks and oversized sweatshirts. Christmas sweaters and candy-apple nails. I love each and every bit of it. I can’t explain the warm feeling inside that bubbles over between November 1 and December 25. All of these things spark joy within. The Christmas vibes are one thing that I look forward to the most with this season every year.

Christmas KINDNESS

The only thing about this season that I love more than the atmosphere is the kindness. People are spreading cheer and going out of their way to be kind. From the largest acts to the smaller acts of kindness, each act of kindness is so special. There is no better feeling than witnessing an act of kindness in a world that can be so dark and gloomy. For more thoughts and ideas for Christmas Kindness, check out my post here:

Let me know what you love most about the Christmas season!

xoxo- Kaden

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