Blogmas Day 17: Classic Christmas Movies

Today, I am sharing my top 10 classic Christmas movies that I watch every single year.

Image result for mickey's twice upon a christmas
1. Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas
I also love Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, but this one is my favorite of the two
Image result for elf
2. ELF
This is always great when you need a good laugh.
Image result for national lampoon's christmas vacation
3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
This movie is Mother’s favorite Christmas movie and we never have a Christmas season without watching this a time or ten 😉
Image result for the santa clause
4. The Santa Clause
Tim Allen is amazing and this entire series of The Santa Clause is great
Image result for home alone
5. Home Alone
Both 1 and 2 are each equally comical.
Image result for the polar express
6. The Polar Express
In first grade, my class went to see this movie on my birthday, making it even more special.
Image result for miser brothers christmas
7. A Miser Brothers’ Christmas
This is a spinoff of The Year Without A Santa Claus. My little brother and I have loved watching this movie for years, despite it not being as well known.
Image result for four christmases cast
8. Four Christmases
Anything with Reese Witherspoon or Vince Vaughn is hilarious. This is no exception.
Image result for fred claus
9. Fred Claus
Again, Vince Vaugn is great. This is a nice modern twist on the classic story.
Image result for christmas with the kranks
This is my absolute, ALL TIME favorite Christmas movie! I just love the story and again, Tim Allen is hilarious. It is based on Arkansas native, John Grisham’s novel, Skipping Christmas.

What classic Christmas movie is your favorite?

xoxo- Kaden

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