Blogmas Day 19: 22nd Birthday

Yesterday, I turned 22!! Woohooo, T. Swift year!

PaPaw has been staying with me this week, so we started the day off by going to chemo.

While at ACH, child life came by with birthday celebrations: gifts, balloons, and well wishes.

Mother, Daddy, and my sister, Bre came to celebrate and we had a laugh when there was 22 minutes left on my chemo infusion.

Then, we went out for dinner at Samantha’s Taproom. Here are a couple pictures of my parents and sister with me. My brother had to stay home, because it is finals week and he also had football practice.

Not pictured: PaPaw, my cousin, Gabe, and my grandparents, KK & Loyd.

The food was too pretty to not include some pictures:

  • Spicy, Smokey, & Sweet board
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Gumbo

& I ordered shrimp & sour cream scallion mashed potatoes.

Finally, here is some photos of me with my strawberry cake- yummy!

Six days until Christmas!!

xoxo- Kaden

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