Word of the Year: 2020

Choosing a word of the year is an annual trend among goal setters, so it is only natural that during my goal setting, I decided to choose a word for 2020.

My friend, Naina and I were discussing potential 2020 word of the year options, when she suggested “share” for me. I liked the idea and when setting my goals, I kept coming back to the same word…


  • I want to make progress on publishing my memoir, which shares my story
  • As I increase my biblical knowledge and grow in my relationship with God, I want to be able to share how special it is with others.
  • I want to read more, so that I can progress when I am sharing through my writing
  • While some of my goals are not specific examples of sharing themselves, I want to share more about those goals through my blog, as well as insight into other aspects of my life

If you have not set a 2020 word of the year yet, it is not too late! I encourage you to take some time to think about what word is centering around your goals for the new year.

If you have set your 2020 word of the year, leave it in the comments!

xoxo- Kaden

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