ULTA Haul: Face, Hair, & Skin

Between my December birthday and Christmas, I racked up on ULTA giftcards, so I decided to do a big haul! Some of these products are products that I use regularly and needed to restock, and some are new to me!

Sidenote: I am a huge fan of ULTA’s points system. I try to buy all of my drugstore products at ULTA that I would normally purchase at Target or Walmart, so I can earn more points. The points can be exchanged into dollars to spend on products at ULTA. If you do not have an account with ULTA and make purchases reguarly, you should definitely sign up for the points system!

Here’s what I purchased:


Clinique Almost Powder Makeup

I had been using a loose powder by Bare Minerals, but wanted to switch back to a pressed powder. I used this powder by Clinique years ago and loved it. I do not need heavy coverage, so this is perfect, plus it has a bit of SPF.

Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder

I kept borrowing this from my sister, who snatched it from our mom’s makeup bag. I do not need full face bronzer, because I am so fair, but this is perfect for contouring.

Tartan + Twine Basics Tinted Round Top Kit

I wanted to grab a transparent pouch to keep items in my purse together. This now houses lipstick, gum, hand sanitizer, etc. It makes it easy to switch my purse items between purses.

ULTA Retractable Kabuki Brush

I needed a brush for contouring my bronzer. ULTA had a promotion for a notebook gift set free with any ULTA purchase, so I chose the ULTA brand for my makeup brush. Plus, it is retractable.


Unwash Charcoal Detox Scalp Scrub

I have been reading about how important scalp scrubs are for hair growth. I am trying to grow my hair and think it may be helpful if my scalp is healthy, so I am going to try this product.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Lite

I have been using It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In since I was a tween. It detangles, conditions, and adds volume. I notice a big difference when I do not use this product, especially since I have short and thin hair right now. The Lite line seems good for my hair type, as I do not want anything too heavy that will weigh my hair down. I am loving it so far!

Not Your Mother’s Plump For Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo

This is my favorite dry shampoo!


Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

I have been using micellar water to remove my makeup for a couple years, but wanted something that is not as rough on my face. This takes my makeup off so much easier and smoother than the micellar water does, even my thick eyeliner!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100

My friend, Naina reccomended this product. With all of the treatment I have had and am continuing to take + my fair skin, sun protection is super important. Naina uses this product herself and so far it has been great for me. It is super lightweight.

Cetaphil Foaming Facial Cleanser

I have extremely sensitive skin. My skin actually responds better when I do not use a cleanser reguarly, but I wanted to try and implement a better skincare routine. This has not burned or made my skin red, and is even healing red patches from other cleansers I have recently tried.

Free Gifts

Tarte Maneater Mascara

This was my free birthday gift. ULTA does a new birthday gift every month. I think that December’s gift rocks. If your birthday is in December and you have not yet picked up your gift, run to your nearest ULTA!

This is the free notebook gift set that came with my ULTA products purchase. It included three notebooks & a pen.

I love a good ULTA haul and this one was a success!

xoxo- Kaden

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