New Semester Prep

I love the start of a new semester and any excuse to shop for office supplies! While I do take my notes on google docs, I still use a paper planner specifically for my assignments (for more info on my 2020 planner lineup, click HERE) and a binder for all of my syllabi and important documents.

I found this binder at Walmart and felt like it was just screaming my name. (Peep the syllabi behind it, these are the whole point of this binder).

I also used some tab dividers, sheet protectors, a hole punch, and a pen bag.

I hole punched all of my syllabi and documents into the binder and added the sheet protectors as pockets for papers or assignments I am turning in.

Each tabbed color represents a specific class. The sixth gray tab, houses blank paper, in the event that something happens to my laptop.

I matched a mildliner color for each class and placed those in the pen bag.

Mildliner highlighters are the best! They are pastel, so the colors are not overwhelming. You can find them here. (also, I recommend highlighting first, then writing over the highlight for the best look)

The highlighters are housed in this Erin Condren planny pouch. It fits around my binder perfectly.

Finally, I used each highlighter to color code all of my assignments for the entire semester in the monthly view of my Erin Condren Academic Planner. This makes it easy to see what is due in what order for all of my classes.

These tips can be used to organize any aspect of your life, even if you are not a student. But, if you are starting a new semester, I hope this post was helpful and I wish you well!

ps. For $10 off your first Erin Condren order, click HERE.

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