Petco Haul

This weekend, Pandora needed a new collar, so the two of us made an outing of it. We visited Starbucks and Michel’s, and also went to Petco for some doggie shopping!

While we were at Petco, Pandora decided she needed some new toys because her last toy had wore out. All of the toys she picked are crinkly, which is her preferred type of toy. She also noticed their clothing section had some adorable outfits for half off.

Pandora’s Haul

Pandora picked out:

  • Bond + Co blush bow tee. size small.
  • Bond + Co gray preppy “nap queen” hoodie. size xs.
  • Bond + Co toys. sea shell & octopus. 80% recycled materials. reinvented/recycled line
  • Fish toy- cat section
  • Bond + Co cat collar. pink glitter.

As you can see, Pandora stuck with pink and gray purchases during this haul. Her collar came from the cat section, because I prefer her to have a bell on her collar. It makes it easier to keep her out of mischief. lol

If any of your furry friends are in need of some new outfits, you may check your local petco and see if they have any fun sales like the ones Pandora shopped!

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