Review: Prayer Journal

Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal

In December, I came across a blog post about a prayer journal. I have tried several prayer and gratitude journals, but none of them ever seemed to stick.

When I saw this layout, I had to try it!

It comes in this nice, protective box. This will be nice after the year passes, so that I can safely store my journal and protect it so that I can reflect back in the future.

There is a monthly section for each month of the year with several prompted categories.

The categories include:

  • Our World + Nation
  • My Community
  • My Loves
  • My Family
  • Sweet Friends
  • Salvation
  • The Heavy
  • Personal
  • Big Goals
  • 3 untitled categories

After the categories, each month includes a section for:

  • Adoration
  • Scripture
  • Quote
  • Answered Prayers

There is also a place to check off by the prayer requests as you see God working on those requests, whether in the way you expect, or not 😉

The second tab is a titled “conversation starter” and is intended to be used for detailed prayers wrote out to God.

The third tab is intended for gratitude. Many users of this prayer journal make a continuous list and add one thing they are grateful for everyday.

To order the exact prayer journal that I am using, click HERE. (Mine is in the color Shoreline, which is the only color still available!)

If you would like to try this prayer journal, but want to test it out, click HERE for a 6 month planner (it does not include the gratitude or conversation starter tabs, but it has six monthly sections that are not labeled by the month.)

Valerie, the creator has several blog posts about how to set your journal up!

The two best tips I have received from her posts are: to divide the prayer categories into 1-2 per day, so I do not get overwhelmed + to take time to set up my categories at the beginning of each month. This month, I went to Starbucks and treated myself to my favorite drink (Iced Blonde Vanilla Latte) while filling out the sections. This worked well and I plan to do it every month.

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