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I have been working on this post for a few weeks now and I am excited to finally share! A few of my closest planner friends recently shared with me how they became involved in the planner community and their biggest piece of PLANNING advice!

I have known each of these sweet ladies for years and I am so grateful for both their friendships, and their willingness to share.

*for links to their Instagram profiles, click their name above their photo

Laken: Plan With Laken

Laken is a planner, goal setter, and YouTube personality! She is the productivity queen and has amazing organizational skills. She is also the very first planner friend I ever met. We met at GEAUX Wild in NOLA 2016 (where I met several planner friends). Laken was the first familiar face I ran into outside the hotel and she greeted me with a huge hug!

Biggest piece of planning advice: “It might take you a while to find a planner groove that works best for you! Your life changes all the time and your planning style will too. To me, planner peace means you have a system that you check in with regularly that helps you achieve your goals; so don’t be afraid to change it up if something isn’t working.” 

Plan With Laken Youtube Channel

Jen: Wildflowers & Marbles

Jen is one of the kindest souls I know. Her Instagram bio sums it up best: “Wife. Mom to 5. Homeschooler. Catholic. Organization & Planning.” Jen manages to juggle many hats and still have a beautiful planner along the way. Jen is also a blogger and has been helpful in helping me organize my own site.

Biggest piece of planning advice: “A planner is a fantastic tool for managing events and appointments, creating to-do lists, and recording memories and gratitude! But it can’t plan things for you – it requires your regular interaction! My planning advice – regardless of your planning style – is to keep your planner parked in your traffic pattern so you will get in the habit of using it regularly. Keep it out and open on your desk, a countertop, next to your favorite chair, or tucked neatly in your bag so that when you are notified about an event, you can immediately add it to your planner, or when you get an invitation to a party, you can note reminders to pick up gifts! Keep a few pens and planning tools organized wherever you decide your planner should live! Make it pretty and inviting so you enjoy your planner time!”

What made me join the planning community: “I have to confess, I was a #plannergirl before #plannergirl was a hashtag – all the way back to the days I organized my Trapper Keeper’s color coordinated folios (can you say, “child of the 80s?”). But this amazing planning community is relatively new! As a blogger, I love encouraging others and enjoy sharing about planning and organizing. And since I’ve always loved photography and sharing the beauty I find in ordinary things – like a planner on a desk with my favorite pens dancing through the picture – joining Instagram and sharing some of my planning photos was an easy fit for me. That turned out to be my door into the planning community. I’m amazed at the generosity and encouragement within this community and it brings me great joy to give back to it! I’ve gained so many friends and found so many planning ideas that have translated to a better, more productive use of my time. The planning community has been such a blessing to me, and I’m grateful to be a part of it!”

Jen’s Blog: Wildflowers & Marbles

Erin: Small Town Grace

Erin is the smiling face behind the Etsy shop Small Town Grace and the Podcast Grace Girl Gab. STG is the very first Etsy shop that I ever purchased stickers from, back in 2015! Her unique style stood out and five years later, I am still a huge STG sticker lover.

Biggest piece of planning advice: “When it comes to the planner community, it is really important to remember to find your style. So often, people get caught up in trying to keep up with the craze of fads and what everyone else has or wants. While that’s great and fun and definitely builds up your planner supply collection, it also can create a big problem in terms of wasted space, product and money.Taking the time to really hone in on your own individual style and pushing away the FOMO feeling when something is “limited” or “unicorn” is really the biggest step into finding “planner peace”, as they say. I firmly believe that planner peace is attainable and the biggest step in that direction is to keep your eyes in your lane and on what brings YOU joy. It is easy to want the popular thing or what your favorite influencer is putting in your feed, but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, “Will I really use this? Is it something that I will enjoy long term? Do I want it just so I feel apart of the inside crowd and because it’s popular?” While my opinion may not be a popular one, implementing it into my planner life over that past two years has saved meso much money and has encouraged me to use what I already have, instead of pushing it to theback of the ever growing pile of pens, stickers, and washi.”

What made me join the planning community: “I joined the planner community as a newly relocated mom of two tiny toddlers. I wanted to purchase a designer planner to really help me get organized and to give me an outlet, but with a hefty price tag that didn’t fit into the budget of our lifestyle, I knew it wasn’t in the cards. My mother, who is literally my best friend, knew how much I wanted this planner and surprised me with a gift card so I could pick out and customize exactly what I wanted. Once I got my planner in the mail, I began joining all the Facebook groups and wanting to decorate to achieve the look of all the gorgeous layouts and spreads I saw. I began making my own stickers and hadmultiple people reach out to me to create custom designs for them, as well. What started off as a hobby quickly became a full time job and a steady income for my family. It has been a huge blessing and sometimes a major learning experience for me to be apart of this community. I have made some of my dearest friends through this secret online universe and I have been educated through the eyes of many I’d never have encountered elsewhere. I’m thankful for the community and the way it has helped me to evolve and grow.”

Small Town Grace Facebook Group

Grace Girl Gab Podcast: Anchor & Apple

Small Town Grace Etsy Shop

Naina: @nainaplanning

Naina!!! Naina was my very first planner friend and is one of my best friends. She has a heart of gold and is one of the most generous people I know. When we met, she was a resident physician. Now, Naina is finishing up her third year of fellowship and is a cancer doctor in Chicago! Her Instagram account shares how she manages a busy schedule and gives a peek into daily life through her stories.

Biggest piece of planning advice: “Identify your needs. Do you have three jobs that require three notebooks? Do you have kids in lots of activities and need to map out the hours of your day? Do you write big or small? Do you want to carry a planner around or does it supplement something else? Once you identify your needs, it is so much easier to get started. I think it’s easiest to start mapping out your day from morning to night and putting commitments down. But everyone is different! Do you need to see the week ahead? The month ahead? Do you want to take it day by day. Answer these questions first. The other thing is to try not to get overwhelmed. There are so many products out there. You just need one! And don’t be afraid to write in it. Paper is meant for writing. Even if it’s wrong. A cross out never hurt anybody. Just begin, and you’ll never look back.”

What made me join the planning community: “I had just graduated medical school and was looking for a community of women (outside of medicine). I really wanted to find a group of like minded women who built each other up. I have found my voice in this community. And i have found best friends. Several (including the author of this blog wink wink) that I talk to daily. This community has been such a blessing for me.”

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