Trader Joe’s Haul

Last week, I went to Trader Joe’s with a goal of trying new foods. I was looking for a variety of foods, but I wanted to focus on not getting food that is too bad for you. Read: no orange chicken or chocolate peanut butter cups.

I have not tried a couple of the frozen items yet, but I have tried most of these items. Here are my thoughts!

Chicken + Shrimp Burger Patties

Hear me out here! The chicken patties are essentially a chicken breast and the shrimp patties are not bad either. I did not eat these in a sandwich form like burgers, but they were good paired with the Jalapeno sauce pictured below.


I was worried that it would be difficult to get these carrot noodles cooked soft enough to taste like real noodles. The texture was good, but I could definitely taste the carrot. The marinara sauce did help mask it though.


I was tempted to try this Broccoli & Kale pizza crust. I’m not going to pretend like it was as good as traditional pizza crust, but it did the job and I get some veggies in. This marinara sauce was amazing though. I was glad that I picked up two of these!


I picked up this buffalo style chicken dip and tomato + basil hummus. The sea salt pita chips were good with these dips, but the seaweed snack was too flimsy to dip. And yes, the seaweed tasted worse than you could imagine. The dips were really good though, especially the buffalo chicken dip! I will definitely get it again.

Jalapeno Sauce

I like anything with a bit of a kick, so I decided to try this. I dipped a chicken burger in it and while I personally did not think it was spicy, it added a nice flavor.

Sweet Potato Ribbons

I fixed southwest salads for lunch everyday last week and these were a great addition.

Frozen Mashed Cauliflower + Giotto’s Riced Cauliflower

I have not tried these two items yet but will make sure to come back and add my thoughts!

All of these items were new to me. Overall, I have liked all of the foods that I tried (with the exclusion of the seaweed snacks, although they might make a nice garnish on a charcuterie board).

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