HULU Shows to Watch While On Isolation: COVID 19 Edition

Last week, I shared some of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix during this period of isolation. I am enjoying joking about this pandemic, but in all seriousness, I hope you are taking this time to social distance yourself. The more of us that comply, the sooner this will all be over!

I actually tend to watch shows on HULU more than Netflix, so it seemed clear that this post is just as important and potentially useful as my Netflix post.

Shows I have watched multiple times:

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

There are 21 seasons on HULU and you do not have to watch in order to follow along! This is great for when you fall asleep or are working from home. There are so many episodes, that you could probably binge everyday for the entire quarantine and still not see them all!

One Tree Hill

I used to come home and binge OTH every night in junior high. My friend, Maggie had every season on DVD and would loan them out one by one. Thankfully, this show can now be binged on HULU. It is both light-hearted and entertaining.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite shows ever! It is just super relatable. If you have ever experienced Scrapper football in Nashville, AR, then you understand that is the closest thing to Texas football. I watched this series for the first time during my senior year of high school and felt like some of the story lines could have come straight from my hometown. Now, I watch for Tim Riggins.

Desperate Housewives

This show will always be a go-to when I have a bad day or need a good laugh. It follows the lives of four women who live on Wisteria Lane and the struggles they encounter in day to day life. This will definitely help any isolation blues you might have.


This show is entertaining as it navigates the lives of a large family and the relationships between adult siblings and their own families. They each face challenges, but it is reassuring to watch as they lean on one another.

Jersey Shore

I could say so many things here, but I think you know this show! If you are looking to stream old episodes of Jersey Shore, look no further.

Shows I want to watch for the first time:

Little Fires Everywhere

Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong! I have seen this advertise many times and have been looking forward to its release. As of today, you can stream this new show that follows a mother-daughter duo!

Good Girls

The third season of this show is currently airing on NBC, but you can stream the first two seasons now! This comical show displays as three women take desperate measures during desperate times.

I hope this gives you plenty of ideas for shows to stream on HULU! Please continue to practice good hand-washing and avoiding crowds at all costs. If you have any requests for posts during this time, please comment below!

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