2020 Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box

This week, I received my 2020 Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box! Sometimes, these boxes are a hit or miss, but this season’s is great. This just might be my favorite box yet!

The theme is New Beginnings, New Possibilities!

The boxes retail for $40 (with free shipping) and are valued at $80.

Visual Journal [Coiled Notebook]

This is my FAVORITE item in this box! It is setup like a notebook, but is devoted to setting goals and making vision boards for each goal. It includes brainstorming and notes pages.

This item is exclusive to the box and is valued at $31.

Cleaning Checklist Notepad

This item reads “cleaning checklist” at the top of the page, but I think with a bit of washi, it could be used for anything!

This item is a sneak peek item and valued at $10.

Productivity Washi Tape Duo

These tapes are very similar to the tapes recently released on Erin Condren’s site. The difference is in the colors. If you are interested in the colors available, click HERE.

This item is exclusive (color scheme) and valued at $5.50.

Do It Yourself Interchangeable Pen Kit

This item is unique, as it is adjustable to your needs. It comes with two highlighter tips, a fine point tip, and a medium point tip.

This item is a sneak peek and is valued at $8.50.

Wild Flower Petite Journal

This Petite Journal is in the productivity layout. This cover design + layout is not available on the site, but if you want a journal with this layout, click HERE.

This item is exclusive and valued at $9.

Ceramic Planter

This item is marketed as a ceramic planter, but I think it would work great as a pen cup! It is in a nice, neutral color too.

This item is exclusive and is valued at $12.

Clear Sticker Sheet

These stickers have the clear backing and go along with the NEW theme.

This item is exclusive and is valued at $4.50.

Erin Condren offers these boxes four times a year, so if you are interested, keep an eye out for the summer box next!

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One thought on “2020 Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box

  1. Creativity is woven into everything we make at Erin Condren, and our Seasonal Surprise Box is no exception! A fully reversible design makes the box itself a useful and unique item. Reverse the box to display it, or use it as a gift box for someone else!


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