Intentions vs. Goals

On Wednesday, I wrote about activities that I am doing during this period of self-isolation. In my post, I referenced activities that I am making daily intentions. I chose the word intentions specifically, as these are not goals. I have seen some recent chatter within the planner community about the difference in goals and intentions, so I decided to share my thoughts.

A goal is the end result. You might have a goal to lose weight or to read more often. To achieve that goal, you take action steps, like working out or reading one chapter a day. These action steps might become habits if they are done consistently.

An intention is an aim or plan. For me, the purpose of my (current) intentions are a form of an action step, yet they are done multiple times. They are not yet habits, but they are repeated during this season of life.

Most importantly though, there is not as much pressure with intentions as there is with goals. In comparison, my US Government professor is calling our final exam a quiz. It will still be over material from the entire semester. Yet, by calling it a quiz, it takes the pressure off, and in return, I anticipate that I will actually score better.

This might not seem like much, but it seems to make a difference in my personal progress. If I miss a day of goals, I feel like quitting. If I miss a day of intentions, no big deal, just try again tomorrow. It also helps me to break goals up into action steps with the intention of making habits, but without the immediate pressure. If I try to make an intention a habit before it is habitual, I am only setting myself up to fail.

If you are interested in my current intentions, check out my Social Distancing Activities post and if you are interested in my 2020 New Year’s Resolutions, check out that post too!

2021 Goals

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