Color St. Nail Strips Review

I recently tried the color street nail strips and was surprised with how much I like them! My friend, Brooke is a consultant and she sent me a set to try a few weeks ago. I am awful at painting nails. I never get the paint even and it always smudges.

These take about the same amount of time for me to apply as it does for me to paint my nails, but there is no dry time and they look much better! This is not equivalent to the acrylics I get shaped at the salon, but they are great for when I am not able to go to the salon. (Like right now, while self-isolating).

They literally go on like stickers and require no tools, heat, or light. They are real polish strips, so once they form to your nail, you just remove them with regular remover.

I recently ordered these shades: Oslo & Steady, Hotlanta, No Way San Jose, and Fashion Prague-er.

If you are interested in trying out these strips, you can email Brooke at or shop her site HERE!

*this is NOT a sponsored post, I just really like this product!

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