Easter Wallpapers

In honor of the start of Holy Week, I decided to make a few fun wallpapers for both mobile devices and desktops. Enjoy!

Hosanna x mobile
Hosanna x desktop
Happy Easter x mobile
Happy Easter x desktop
Hoppy Easter x mobile
Hoppy Easter x desktop
Hippity Hoppity x mobile
Hippity Hoppity x desktop

Thanksgiving Placecards

Hi, friends! Welcome back and Happy Thanksgiving! Two weeks ago, I made great plans to begin posting regularly again. I had wonderful intentions, but then I tested positive for RSV and did not leave my couch all last week. I was doing good to stay caught up on homework. Excuses. Whatever. Nonetheless, I am back!… Read More Thanksgiving Placecards

Easter/ Spring Decor!

Now that we are officially in the season of Lent and February has passed by, it only seemed appropriate to break out the Easter decorations! I am keeping it short and simple today! Most of these decor items are from either At Home or Home Goods, but a few of the items I already owned.… Read More Easter/ Spring Decor!

March Favorites

As you can see, I am all about the snacks and stationary, per usual. Beanito Black Bean Chips These are my favorite chips to eat with guac, salso, cheese dip, or hummus! They actually taste really good by themselves and they aren’t too terrible for you. I have been able to find them at both… Read More March Favorites

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