Trendy Loungewear

I had originally planned to write about Spring fashion trends this week, but when I sat down to work on the post, it just did not feel authentic. In a time when everyone is social distancing and working home, fashion is not necessarily a priority. But, if you are anything like me, you still feel excited at the thought of shopping or wearing a cute outfit. Thus, I present to you: trendy loungewear!

Loungewear is essentially cute, daytime pajamas. It is clothes that make you feel like Netflixing, but are presentable enough that you do not appear to still be wearing the clothes you slept in the night before. Having comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice cuteness.

I have compiled a list of my current, favorite trends within the loungewear category and linked everything below:

Foldover Joggers

Aerie Foldover Jogger

Foldover Jogger LINK

I actually ordered these joggers a couple weeks ago during a sale and I am excited for them to arrive. They are no longer on sale and are currently only offered in sizes XXS, XS, and S, but keep an eye out for a restock.

Tie-Dye Sweats

Tie-Dye Sweatshirt Dress LINK

Tommy Hilfiger Tie-Dye Shortset LINK

Tie-dye has been a trend for years, but it really seems to have reemerged in the form of loungewear recently.

Cream Colors

Drawstring Ankle Cut Joggers

Drawstring Ankle Cut Joggers LINK

When you need a break from the typical black leggings, cream colors make you feel a little more dressed up, especially if you are prone to wearing black everyday (like myself!)

Patterns + Prints

Striped Shortset LINK

Leopard Joggers LINK

There are a variety of patterns and printed loungewear options out there, but you can never go wrong with stripes or leopard.


Colorblock Loungewear Set

Colorblock Top + Pants Set LINK

If done right, colorblocked clothing can actually be really flattering.


Aerie Real Soft Sleep Jumpsuit LINK

French Terry Overalls LINK

I am not usually a fan of jumpsuits, simply because they tend to only be made for body types that are super tall and super slim (neither of which I am). They are SO comfy though! If you are looking for something that is trendy and casual, then a sleep-jumpsuit might be for you.

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