Dead To Me // Season 1 Recap

If you missed out on Netflix’s season one of Dead To Me, you need to catch up quick! It is ten 30 minute episodes, meaning you have time to binge it quickly before watching today’s season two release!

It documents the fresh friendship between Jen and Judy as they are both struggling with life in contrasting, yet related ways.

This show is actually how I learned about the enneagram, as Jen is a fellow enneagram 8. The way she copes with life is extremely relatable for me and it is humorous to watch her friendship blossom with Judy.

If you have not finished season one, stop reading now and go finish it before returning back and reading this:


Questions Left Unanswered:

There were quite a few questions that were not answered by the end of the season. In fact, it seems that more were left unanswered than answered, especially after such an intense season finale.

  1. What actually happened to Steve?

It appeared that Jen shot Steve, but the ending was not actually clear. We do know he was laundering money through his art museum, so perhaps that had something to do with is sudden death.

2. What happened to Steve’ body?

Jen and Judy were there when he was shot into Jen’s pool, but what they did with his body was not shown.

3. Do the police ever figure out what happened to Ted?

While Judy came clean about killing Ted to Jen, it was left open what happened with the legal system.

4. Does Jen forgive Judy?

It seemed that Jen was not in a place where she would be able to forgive Judy, but if she was the one to kill Steve, then the tables have turned. Will she be able to forgive Judy in season two?

5. What happens with Nick?

Judy had started a romantic relationship with Nick, the local cop. He was working on Ted’s case and Judy was secretly hoping he would not solve it.

6. What happens with Ted and Jen’s boys?

They seemed to be having a lot of struggles after their father’s death. If you ask me, there is a story line there.

7. How doe Lorna play into this story?

Lorna is Jen’s mother in law. She was giving Jen quite the run around after Ted’s death. I’m sure her story is not over yet either.

I am hopeful that these questions will finally be answered in season two of Netflix’ Dead To Me! There were quite a few story lines left open, so it will be interesting to see the direction that this next season goes in.

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