Day In The Life // COVID Quarantine + Online Summer School

With all of the chaos of these unknown times, I decided to document a day in my life. My days vary quite a bit, but I try to both accomplish new goals while enjoying some downtime.

9:00 am

As soon as I wake up, I take Pandora outside for a walk. With the quarantine, I don’t have to wake up early, so I usually get up around nine.

9:05 am

As soon as I am up for the day, I do a few things to prepare for the day. I start the day by reviewing my planner(s) to check what tasks need to be completed. Then, I make my bed, open the blinds, turn on any lamps, and tidy up. I usually start a load of dishes and wipe my kitchen counters down. I also fill my tumbler with water. I try to keep it full throughout the day and keep it by my side so I can stay hydrated. My favorite tumblers are from May Designs and they are customizable! Finally, I turn on my candle warmer and start my diffuser.

10:30 am

I am trying to post more consistently to my Instagram account dedicated to planning and goal setting. For the month of May, I made it a goal to post everyday. I have missed a day or two, but I have been pretty consistent. This is the picture I posted on Wednesday.

10:35 am

I have also set a goal to have a consistent quiet time routine this month. Pictured is my devotional Made For This: 40 Days to Living Your Purpose, an Erin Condren journal for notes, my Illustrated Faith bible, and my prayer journal. (For more info on my prayer journal, click HERE!)

11:15 am

I guess May is the month of goals, because I have also set a goal to do some kind of activity everyday. I am not doing anything too extensive, but my goal is to not lay on the couch all day everyday.

11:45 am

As the morning came to an end, I showered and got ready for my live zoom class.

12:15 pm

I had lots of leftovers, so before it was time for my class to start, I heated some up for lunch. I had about twenty minutes before I had to log on to school.

12:40- 3:30 pm

I am taking a May summer class. The entire class is completed in about two and a half weeks, so I had a three hour lecture today.

3:30 pm

Once my lecture was over, I spent some time working on homework and my blog. I published this post: Spinach Stuffed Chicken.

5:00 pm

I decided to try a new recipe as well: Cauliflower Pizza Casserole. It turned out great and tasted like deep dish. Recipe to come soon!

6:00 pm

Here is the final product!


To end the day, I watched MTV’s The Challenge live with my brother. We are not together right now, but we always watch it at the same time and text each other about the episode as we watch. We have been doing this for years and through many stages of life. It is something that we both enjoy!

My days differ everyday during this season of life, but one thing remains consistent: balancing productivity and rest. I am trying to both achieve new goals and take this opportunity to rest and reset.

How are you spending your days during this strange and unprecedented time?

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