How I Plan Ahead

I have been planning as a hobby for over five years now. One of the most commonly asked questions I get is how I get each week’s stickers to match while still putting plans in my planner ahead of time.

I joke and say that if it is not in my planner, then it is not happening. By that, I mean if it is not wrote down on a sticky note in my planner, then it is not happening.

Every time I have something to add in my planner, I write it on a sticky note and place it on its coordinating day. I keep sticky notes in my planner, so they are always easy to access. Then, if the plans get canceled or rescheduled, it is not permanently wrote in my planner.

When the it comes time for me to plan that week, I exchange the sticky notes for coordinating stickers.

For more info on my planner, follow my plannergram!

Erin Condren Products Review

On Monday, I received an exciting package! Sam, with Erin Condren messaged me a few weeks ago to ask if I would be interested in reviewing some planner products. I immediately responded yes! But, when I sent her my address, I left out my apartment number. FedEx sent it back, and then Sam was so… Read More Erin Condren Products Review

Intentions vs. Goals

On Wednesday, I wrote about activities that I am doing during this period of self-isolation. In my post, I referenced activities that I am making daily intentions. I chose the word intentions specifically, as these are not goals. I have seen some recent chatter within the planner community about the difference in goals and intentions,… Read More Intentions vs. Goals

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