June 2020 Goals

I have been using the Cultivate What Matters Powersheets to really dig deep and work on setting goals in my life.

After completing the prep work, which walked me through step by step to evaluate my life and determine which areas I feel like need improvement, I have chosen seven areas of my life that I want to focus on during this season of life:

Focus Areas:

  1. Social
  2. School
  3. Personal
  4. Relationships
  5. Finance
  6. Faith
  7. Health

90 Day Summer Goals:

Laura Casey, the founder of the Powersheets, really stresses that it is best to set goals for 90 day increments. This led me to set an over-arching goal for the months of June, July, and August. From there, I will break those goals down into steps every month. My summer goals are as follows:

  1. Social: Create a consistent content schedule for YouTube and my blog.
  2. School: Create a consistent study routine and build a resume.
  3. Personal: Organize apartment.
  4. Relationships: Dedicate time to others.
  5. Finance: Commit to a budget.
  6. Faith: Develop a solid quiet time routine.
  7. Health: Form routines that practice healthy habits.

June Goals:

From there, I chose action steps that I aim to achieve on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

Monthly Action Items:

  • complete a practice test (School)
  • review for 20 hours (School)
  • setup July prayer journal (Faith)
  • Edit memoir (Personal)

Weekly Action Items:

  • limit myself to not sticking with my meal plan less than twice (Health) [aka eating out]
  • limit myself to a maximum of 3 coffees/ cokes (Health)
  • prep YouTube videos the day before (Social)
  • prep blog posts the day before (Social)
  • dedicate time to writing poetry (Personal)
  • stick to my budget (Finance)
  • post an “In Case You Missed It” graphic on Instagram with links to blog and YouTube content (Social)

Daily Action Items:

  • quiet time (Faith)
  • write a letter to friends and family (Relationships)
  • share on social media [specifically my plannergram] (Social)
  • get active (Health)
  • spend time reading for fun (Personal)

I am sharing my goals in more detail over on my new Youtube Channel as well, so I will make sure to link it HERE once that video is live!

How I Plan Ahead

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Intentions vs. Goals

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