Erin Condren Monthly + Academic Planners

I was recently sent some products from the Erin Condren team to review and share! These products are part of the June releases.

I’ll make sure to include links to all of the products. Some of the products are currently available on the site, while others will be available soon. I will be sure to come back and add in links as these products become available.

Also: I have created a YouTube video walking through all of these products and sharing my thoughts more in depth.

Coiled Monthly Planner

Monthly Planner Link

This product will be available on Tuesday, June 9.

The base price starts at $40.

Layers page designs.

Colorful or Neutral page options.

Choose between 7 x 9 or 8.5 11. [I have the traditional 7 x 9].

You can upgrade your coil from platinum to gold, rose gold, or black.

July, August, September, or January calendar start.

Upgrade 40 or 80 pages (lined, dot grid, or productivity layout).

Metallic Monthly Deskpad

Metallic Monthly Deskpad LINK

Currently available on the site


Different metallic colors every month.

August 2020-December 2021

17 months

Sunday- Monday view.

Academic Planners [coiled + softbound]

Photos above compare the coiled academic and softbound academic planners.

Softbound Academic Planner LINK

Available on the site Thursday, June 11.

Base Price $30

4 color options [Rose Gold, Peacock, Camel, Grey]

A5 size

Camel + Greyl are focused design themed.

Can be personalized.


August 2020- December 2021


6 Lined Notes Pages in the back

Coiled Academic Planner LINK

Available on the site Thursday, June 11.

Base Price $37.

7 x 9

Mid Century Circles page design x colorful

Coil upgrade options

August, September, or January Start

40 additional lined pages upgrade option


Classic Dual Tip Markers LINK


Black, Red, and Blue

Grey Pen Holder LINK


This item is particularly useful on the softbound products, such as the softbound academic planner.

Vision Journal Notebook LINK


This item was an exclusive in the Spring Seasonal Surprise Box, but is now available on the site in different cover options.

It includes brainstorming pages, pages to map out your goals/ dreams/ visions, and dot grid pages.

I was so excited when the Erin Condren team reached out to me to see if I would be interested in sharing these products. I want to send a huge thank you to team EC for thinking of me.

If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to comment below!

For more planner content, follow my Instagram account dedicated to planning!

Erin Condren Products Review

On Monday, I received an exciting package! Sam, with Erin Condren messaged me a few weeks ago to ask if I would be interested in reviewing some planner products. I immediately responded yes! But, when I sent her my address, I left out my apartment number. FedEx sent it back, and then Sam was so… Read More Erin Condren Products Review

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