Easy Charcuterie Board Setup

One of my favorite things to do is make charcuterie boards! They impress guests and cost little money or effort. I was able to setup this board in less than ten minutes and for under $25!

I filmed my setup and posted a YouTube video of it HERE, but decided to share photos as well.

Keep in mind, you can use any food you want on your charcuterie boards. Most boards have a varieties of meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables, but the possibilities are endless!

*I would like to note that this tray was made for a friend to use when hosting friends for dinner, so it was setup with transportation in mind. I also did not place the dips in the bowls, because there was a time lapse between when I created this board and when it was served.

Step One

I chose a tray with lifted edges for easy transportation, but any tray will work. Typically, I go for a wooden board. It is also important to have small containers for dips or toothpicks.

Step Two

I chose to keep this board fruit centered, so I only had one meat. I used salami, but you can use any deli meat: chicken, ham, turkey, pepperoni, etc.

Step Three

Next, I added some strawberries. I specifically placed them near the bowl that was to hold the fruit dip, since those foods would likely be paired together.

Step Four

I added some sliced apples as well, specifically on the alternate side of the fruit dip.

Step Five

I chose to include chopped pineapple. I purchased the pineapple pre-chopped to save on time, but you can chop it yourself to save on cost.

Step Six

I left the grapes on the bunch simply for aesthetics.

Step Seven

Baby pickles are a must for charcuterie! Another good choice is olives.

Step Eight

I added cheddar jack and sharp cheddar cheese cubes near the meats, since these items tend to pair well. You can add cheese in any form: sliced, cubed, or my personal favorite, a block.

Step Nine

I realized I needed space for pita chips for one of the dips, so I slid the grapes over some.

Step Ten

After I added the pita chips, I filled in the other foods to make the tray appear as full as possible. All that was left after this was to add in the dips. The hostess wanted one dip to be for fruit and the other to be a combination of cream cheese and pepper jelly.

The board turned out great and was a huge hit at the dinner!

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