Top 10 Planner Tools

Today, I am sharing my top ten planner tools over on my YouTube Channel! This post is dedicated to sharing links to all of my favorite products!

1. Reusable Sticker Books

I love using these reusable sticker books from Once More With Love! I have the 5 x 7 sizes, but they are also offered in 4 x 6.

2. Sticky Notes

I use a variety of sticky notes in my planners!

Erin Condren Stylized Sticky Notes

Erin Condren Neutral Tabbed Sticky Notes

Post It Flags

Post It Transparent Sticky Notes

3. Adhesive Rollers

Elmer’s Adhesive Roller

4. Scissors + X-Acto Knife

Kids’ Scissors

X-Acto Knife

5. Good Pens

Papermate Inkjoy Gel .7 Black Ink

Sharpie S Gel Pens .7 Black Ink

Le Pen Black Ink

6. Ruler

Erin Condren Gold Metal Ruler

7. Tweezers


8. White Out Roller

BIC White Out Rollers

9. Washi Tape

Most of my washi comes from Simply Gilded, this link will get you $5 off your first order of $15!

Erin Condren Productivity Washi Duo

10. Mildliner Highlighters

10 Pack

15 Pack

25 Pack

For a more in depth review of each of these products, make sure to check out my YouTube video! At the end of the video, I also share the Erin Condren Summer Sticker Subscription Kit too, so make sure to check that out for my thoughts and review!

Intentions vs. Goals

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June 2020 Goals

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