Pretty Pink Kitchen // Amazon Shopping

I am excited to start a new blog series featuring items on Amazon that I think are functional and stylish. My plan is to share every Friday a new category of items to shop for that align with my personal style.

I am also working on getting an amazon affiliate storefront, so you can shop directly. For now though, I will link products through my blog.

For this category, I tried to choose items that I would pick for my own kitchen. My style consists of lots of pale pink with splashes of marble and mixed metals.

Glass Containers

These are great for storing leftovers or meal prepping.

Glass Containers LINK

Lunch Container

These containers are perfect for taking meals on the go!

Lunch Container LINK

7 pc. Kitchen Gadgets Set

These are kitchen must-haves and the rose gold accents the pink so nicely.

Kitchen Gadgets LINK

16 pc. Pots, Pans, + Utensils Set

Every kitchen needs a variety of pots and pans. This kit includes 7 pots and pans, a steamer, and four utensils.

Pots, Pans, + Utensils Set LINK

Rose Gold Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are another kitchen essential and these rose gold ones are adorable.

Measuring Cups LINK

White + Gold Cooking Utensils

These cooking and serving utensils are super chic and are sure to impress at any dinner party.

Cooking Utensils LINK

Pink Whisks

These pretty pink whisks come in a set of three different sizes.

Pink Whisks LINK

Nesting Bowls + Measuring Cups

These bowls are functional enough to use when cooking, but also sleek enough to use for serving. The set includes four bowls and four matching measuring cups.

Wooden Charcuterie Board

You can use any board or tray to make a charcuterie, but this long, wooden board is ideal for creating meat and cheese trays.

Long Wooden Tray LINK

Marble Tray

This tray can also be used to make a charcuterie board, or just to serve food.

Marble Tray LINK

Pink Sink Strainer

My mindset when purchasing anything is to automatically check to see if it comes in pink. These sink strainers are a basic kitchen necessity, but the pink is a nice pop of color in your sink.

Kitchen Strainer LINK

I hope you enjoyed this list of pretty pink kitchen essentials! If you have any amazon shopping list requests, make sure to comment below!

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