Shop With Me at Target

I recently made a trip to Target and decided to take my subscribers over at YouTube along with me! I showed several products that caught my eye and today I am linking some of the items that I featured in my video.

If you have not seen my Target Shop With Me video over on YouTube, make sure you check it out. It was my very first vlog and despite speaking through a mask and filming in public for the first time, I think it turned out alright.

Hoop with Pave Stones Earrings – A New Day

Hoop Earrings LINK

Tropical Earrings

Tropical Earrings LINK

Tee Shirt Dresses

Tee Shirt Dresses LINK

Women’s Rain Boots

Rain Boots LINK

Leopard Wedges

Leopard Wedges LINK

Women’s Linen Shorts

Women’s Linen Shorts LINK

KISS Press On Nails

KISS Press On Nails LINK

Ella + Mila Nail Topcoat

Ella + Mila Nail Topcoat LINK

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

Essie Gel Couture Nail Topcoat LINK

Blush Washcloths

Blush Washcloths LINK

Larger Succulents

Succulent LINK 1

Succulent LINK 2

Succulent LINK 3

Succulent LINK 4

Succulent LINK 5

Day Designer Academic Planner

Day Designer Academic Planner LINK

Sugar Paper Essentials Weekly Planning Pad

Sugar Paper Essentials Weekly Planning Pad LINK

Sharpie S-Note Markers

Sharpie S-Note Markers LINK

15 Count Post-it Notes

15 Count Post-it Notes LINK

For a more in depth look at my shopping trip, make sure to check out my video!

Fav Target Themed IG Accounts

I have shared my favorite Instagram accounts that are dedicated to both planning and fashion, but today I am sharing my favorite accounts dedicated to shopping at Target. I have learned that there is a niche for just about anything on Instagram, so it is no surprise that there are a ton of accounts dedicated… Read More Fav Target Themed IG Accounts

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