7 Things To Do On The Weekend for an Easier Monday

Today, I am sharing a vlog over on my YouTube Channel where I show all the things I did yesterday to prepare for a new week! I have learned that by doing these things on the weekend, my week tends to be a bit easier.

Wash + Fold All Laundry

If I do not get anything done on the weekends, I at least still try to get my laundry done. This just makes it so much easier to find clothes throughout the week.

I also like to prep any outfits for specific events or days, but I am sticking to leggings and tee shirts right now, so I did not include that in my video.

Change Sheets

Having fresh sheets makes it easier to rest and just starts the week off on a good foot.

Bathe Your Dog

I try to bathe Pandora once a week and it is easiest to do it on Sunday when I am preparing for the week.

Plan Ahead for the Week

Every week, I sit down and plan out the week. I list appointments and block off time to work on specific tasks and goals. You do not have to plan to the extensive level that I do, but it does not hurt to look over your planner and think about what is to come.

Clean Kitchen

I wipe my kitchen counters off after cooking, but on the weekends I like to take everything off the counters and wipe them down good. I make sure to wipe off everything before putting it back on the counters and I like to wipe the microwave clean too.

Meal Plan + Order Groceries

This is a good time to evaluate what is in your pantry, freezer, and fridge. Evaluate and determine what meals you can make with the ingredients you have. Then, make a list of the groceries that you need and schedule a grocery pickup to save on time.

Digital Cleanout

I backup all of my photos to google photos. This is a great time to sort the photos into albums and clean out the photos on your phone for room to take more. I also like to clean out my laptop’s desktop, because this can become a dumping ground for photos, downloads, and documents throughout the week.


I also like to prep my meals for the week, but since I am eating at home right now, I am not currently doing this. This is a huge time saver if you work or are in school though!

These are all super easy tasks that help eliminate wasting time and stress throughout the week for me!

How I Plan Ahead

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