7 Places to Order Trendy Face Masks

As somebody who matches my purse to my outfit everyday, it only seems natural to want my mask to match my outfit!

I have been wearing masks for five years, but it was not until the pandemic until I started wearing cloth face masks. Once I started wearing cloth face masks, I began searching for cute and trendy face masks, so that they will match my outfits.

While there is a mass variety in options for face masks, here are six places that offer cute masks! Each of these places offer a variety of styles, but I have chosen some that represent my style best.

Billie Blooms

Billie Blooms Lips Mask LINK

Pop Fizz Cheers x Etsy

Black and White Stripe Mask LINK

Old Navy

10 Pack Solid Pastel Masks LINK

Altar’d State

Stars and Sunflowers Set of 3 LINK

E. Leigh’s

Neutral Leopard Mask LINK

American Eagle

I’m Actually Smiling Right Now LINK

Pink Lily

Monogrammed Leopard Mask LINK

Happy Shopping!

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