August Goals

I am back with another post about goal setting! Today, I am sharing my goals for the month of August!

This month, I am emphasizing goals that have a meaning, versus goals that I am only setting because it feels like I should be setting them.

My main focus is to solidify some routines before the fall semester starts.

Cultivate What Matters Powersheets

Monthly Goals

  1. Complete a Practice Test

Category: School

Reason: to score well on the real test

2. Complete Devotional

Category: Faith

Reason: grow in my faith

3. Read Proverbs

Category: Faith

Reason: grow in my faith

4. Listen to Two Books

Category: Personal

Reason: strengthen my mind

Weekly Goals

  1. Review Four Modules

Category: School

Reason: score well on the real test

2. Workout Four Times

Category: Health

Reason: strength

3. Prep [Blog + YouTube] Content Two Days Ahead of Time

Category: Content

Reason: grow social platform

4. Complete a Content Routine

Category: Content

Reason: grow social platform

5. Weekend Reset

Category: Personal

Reason: set up for success

Daily Goals

  1. AM Routine

Category: Personal

Reason: start the day with a fresh start

2. PM Routine

Category: Personal

Reason: prepare for tomorrow

3. Post to Instagram

Category: Social

Reason: grow my content

4. Stick to Budget

Category: Finance

Reason: to be financially stable

Make sure to check out my YouTube video where I share my goals in more depth!

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June 2020 Goals

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Intentions vs. Goals

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