Cultivate What Matters: Black Friday Shopping

One of my favorite brands, Cultivate What Matters, is offering 25% off of nearly everything on their site this week in honor of Black Friday Shopping.

The details you need to know:

  • everything is 25% off (except the Goal Setting Powersheets)
  • the sale ends November 30
  • free celebrations sticker pack with every $75 purchase
  • free shipping with ever $100 order

I have selected a few items from their site that are my favorite to share with you!

Cultivate Your Year Live

Cultivate Your Year Live LINK $99 $74

This event is a virtual event on December 7 with Lara Casey, the founder of the powersheets. Lara will be walking participants through the prepwork of their powersheets LIVE.

If you have been debating a ticket to this event, now is the time to purchase since the price is marked down.

Custom Powersheets Bundle

Custom Powersheets Bundle LINK $151 $96

This bundle is a huge deal, because you get a set of powersheets and your choice of five accessories. If you are planning on purchasing powersheets and accessories, this is a huge steal.

Best Seller Bundle

Best Seller Bundle LINK $115 $84

This bundle includes a set of powersheets, sticker book, accessory pouch, tending tape set, and a wildcard pack.

Everyday Lined Notebook Set

Everyday Lined Notebook Set LINK $18 $13.50

This is a NEW product on the site this week. The set includes three lined notebooks that coordinate with the new 2021 powersheets patterns.

Accessory Pouches

Accessory Pouch LINK $18 $13.50

These pouches are great for housing all of your pens and accessories. They come with a strap to wrap around your powersheets for easy travel.

Goal Setting Sticker Book

Goal Setting Sticker Book LINK $15 $11.25

This is one of my top recommendations for powersheets accessories! This is great for color coding your goals every month and adding some decor to your pages.

Tending Tape Set

Tending Tape Set LINK $12 $9

Wildcard Page Pack // Everyday Set

Wildcard Page Pack LINK $10 $7.50

This is my guilty pleasure product. It is definitely not something that you need, but it is fun to add in. Essentially, it is extra pages that you can add in to your powersheets to add extra productivity and fun.

I hope this has been helpful in making your purchase decisions for Black Friday 2020. Keep an eye out for more posts for other coordinating brands! 😉

*Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something after clicking on the link, I may receive a small commission. This is at no cost to you though!

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