2021 Goals

Hi, friends.

It has been a hot minute. I go through phases where I share content here reguarly and where I go months without writing.

And truth be told.. I have been meaning to write this exact post for a week and am just now getting around to it.


I am happy to share the five categories I am choosing to focus on in 2021.

For more details on these goals, check out this video, and if you are curious how I am working towards those goals in 2021, check out this video.

1. Faith: Christianity

One of my main goals is to both grow my biblical knowledge and in my relationship with Christ.

I am working on reading through the entire bible using a 5/7 day a week reading plan and I am trying to build the habit of documenting a few prayer requests and thanks everyday.

2. Health

I am working on both building physical strength and losing weight.

My friend, Sarah, has helped me develop a gym plan and I am trying out new ways to get active while building healthy habits.

3. School

I am on track to graduate undergrad in December 2021 and am planning on applying to law school this year.

I am studying for the LSAT (law school admissions test), building a resume, and working on applications. My hope is to start law school in August 2022.

4. Social

I have had this blog for years and really developed it last year. I also started a YouTube channel in 2020.

My goal is grow both my blog and YouTube, as well as post content on Instagram more regularly.

5. Rest

While I am dedicating a lot of time and effort to my other goals, I want to remember to dedicate time to myself. 2020 left me feeling burned out. I am working on building routines to help me be more productive so in turn, I can have more down time. I am also trying to focus on being creative and doing things with no intention other than for fun. My mental health is important in order to make progress with my other goal areas.

This is just a brief overview of all of my goals, but I want to document them in written form somewhere, so I decided to share here. If you are wanting more details though, do not forget to check out my 2021 Goals Video and my January Action Steps Video!

I am curious- let me know down in the comments what goals you are working towards this year!

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