One Little Word: January Prompt

Earlier last week, I shared a video showing how I setup my album for the January portion of One Little Word and talked a little about what the project consists of. If you are new to the project, One Little Word is where you choose a word to focus on for the entire year and then follow Ali Edward’s prompts every month through a guided workshop. You can purchase memory keeping products to make it even more fun, but a journal will absolutely suffice.

There is not much out on the internet about what the project actually consists of, so I decided to share what January’s prompt consisted of. Of course, there is much greater value in purchasing the course, as Ali walks you through the prompts, has guest speakers, and additional benefits. The purpose of this post is simply to give you an idea of what I did with the prompt.


In the January prompt, Ali encouraged us to write down our word, why we chose it, and our own personal definition of the word.

We also listed off what we are inviting into our life this year, what we are letting go of, and selected a quote to hang on to throughout the year.

*It should be noted that there was additional portions to the prompt, but these are the portions I am sharing.

Finally, Ali strongly encouraged us to include a portrait of ourselves. I likely would have taken some form of a selfie, but I had this photo of me from New Year’s Eve that seemed worth including, so I had a 6×8 copy printed at CVS.

I am not sure if I will continue to share the production of Ali’s One Little Word prompts here or not, but I am sure that I will reference it again and continue to share my thoughts in some form throughout my first year of the project.

If you have selected a word for 2021, I wanna hear what it is. Let me know your word of the year down in the comments!

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